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Drs. Ausink and Mahoutchi, Dentists, Federal Way, Washington.

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Oral Piercings Are Not Good for Your Teeth
Oral piercings give you the opportunity to express yourself in a unique way. However, they also have the opportunity to cause damage to your teeth. The more your oral piercing moves around in your mouth, the more chances there are for the piercing to hit your teeth. This can just tap your tooth and only cause a little moment of pain, or it can become a much bigger problem.

Oral piercings often cause cracks and chips to teeth when they come in contact. It may be difficult to tell if any damage was done to the teeth until the pain starts, especially if your piercing is on your tongue. This puts the damage to your teeth on the inside of your teeth, making it hard for you to see it. While some people may not experience tooth damage, it is important to know the potential risks if you are considering an oral piercing or currently have one.

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